About me

Nicole Laxton graduated Cum Laude from the Open Window Art Institute in South Africa and received an award for being the Top student in the faculty. She double majored in Photography and Communications Design. Photography is her passion. In 2017 she was awarded a Craft Gold Loerie for Photography for her artists book titled "Remember Sarajeo". She thrives on excellence and working with visionary people and brands that will challenge her and are willing to push the boundaries to create meaningful work. Through her rich network of industry experts, Nicole can offer photo production services, which includes art direction, casting, booking of make-up/hair & styling, location scouting and retouching as well as graphic design services. Being a designer helps Nicole approach photography from a very conceptual viewpoint. She understands how to build a brands image. Nicole is comfortable working across a wide range of photography and design disciplines on projects of all scales, from start-up to established brands.